LIAR PARADOX: TRESPASSING -- A movie about nukes, a true censorship case to boot


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Monday, May 22, 2006

TRESPASSING -- A movie about nukes, a true censorship case to boot

if you have not heard of Divine Strake, then you're not alone. I don't believe it's getting much media attention. Basically it's the first American nuclear test scheduled to take place since 1992 (some say 1993). Anyway, it's been over a decade the Southwestern United States has been free from nuclear testing, until now. see for more information about the nuclear test.

"Trespassing" is a film that has been MEGA-CENSORED by all the big film festivals and everything, except Phoenix, San Francisco, and Barcelona Spain.

It has been censored by Sundance, even by the Margaret Meade film festival!!

"Trespassing" is a documentary by a man who chronicles the nuclear situation in Nevada, the Mojave Desert of California, amongst other places. He worked on this documentary for a decade!

I hope if you're reading this that you can WORK YOUR LOCAL FILM HOUSE IN GETTING IT SHOWN IN YOUR TOWN.

Movie Home Page (very hard to find by Googling so you might want to bookmark it -- by hitting control D on your keyboard, to save it in your bookmarks file):

news stories on movie:
(the making of the movie)

(censorship article)



At 10:57 PM, Blogger elio diiorio said...

Hi- I tried the trespassing movie link but it seems to be blocked.

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