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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Stop the Genocide of the American Indian

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is seeking comments for its proposed nuclear waste dumping on the Goshute Indians in Utah. Your comments to the BLM are most important in putting a stop to this before the train starts rolling.


Click here to send a ready-made comment to the BLM.


According to those directly involved, it's all about QUANTITY not Quality at this point. Feel free to copy and paste this post and forward to your lists and ask your friends and family to take 30 seconds out of their day to make a difference. Tell them to click on the link here to send comments.

We need to flood the BLM. For the Indians!!

It's a human rights violation to allow the U.S. Government to dump OUR nuclear waste on the original inhabitants of this land like this.

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Feel free to send your own creative thoughts to the BLM. Send to

U.S. Bureau of Land Management

Dear Ms. Schuller,

I respectfully request the BLM to deny a right-of-way for Private
Storage (PFS) to transfer or haul high-level nuclear waste across
land to the Skull Valley Goshute Reservation.

The proposed PFS project is inconsistent with BLM’s management
plan; the
project is not in the public’s interest; PFS is not qualified for
receiving a permit for the project; and PFS lacks the technical and
financial capabilities to carry out the project.

Constructing a high-level nuclear waste transfer facility next to
Interstate-80 creates a significant health and economic risk to the
region if there were an accident or intentional act of sabotage.

I, along with an overwhelming number of Utahns, and other concerned
citizens across the country, am opposed to the transportation of
high-level radioactive waste through dozens of states and its
storage in
Utah, so granting a right-of-way across public lands for those
is not in the public interest.

Over half of the utility companies that created PFS have either
out of the consortium or have announced they will not give any more
money to the project. The Department of Energy has said it cannot
contribute money to the project because it would violate federal law.
Thus, the financial capabilities to carry-out the project are in
especially if there were an accident or attack requiring significant
funds to clean-up the site.

Granting a right-of-way for the construction of a rail-line would
undermine the recent designation of wilderness in this area, and
therefore, the BLM should deny PFS’s request.

Lastly, 7,000 F-16 fighter jet flights travel over Skull Valley each
year from Hill Air Force Base to the Utah Test and Training Range.
potential for an accidental F-16 crash into the PFS facility
itself was
of major concern during the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s
licensing proceeding, leading to split decisions on the licensing
and at the NRC Commission itself. I am concerned that building an
inter-modal transfer facility at the north end of Skull Valley or
railroad tracks through Skull Valley for the storage and transport of
high-level radioactive waste would only increase the risk of an
accidental F-16 crash that could unleash catastrophic amounts of

Thank you for your consideration of my comments.


Name, Organization Affiliation If Any, Street, City, State, Zip Code

[Thanks to Jason Groenewold, Director, HEAL Utah (Healthy Environment
Alliance of Utah), for help in writing this action alert! See HEAL
Utah’s website:]


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At 5:10 PM, Anonymous CASF said...

Forgotten Crimes Aginst Humanity

Gentle Reader

Languished at the bottom of the heap, Maori are twice as likely to suffer higher rates of mental illness and commit suicide.

The Bank of New South Wales, later Westpac Banking Corporation, opened seven branches in New Zealand in 1861, which facilitated and was enormously enriched by the theft of Maori land, gold and all other resources. MSRB is calling on world citizens and ethical investors to boycott Westpac New Zealand until such time the bank and their major shareholders have compensated Maori, helped the deprived New Zealanders and stopped their predatory banking practices.

By the 1890s, within two generations, the Maori population was decimated by 84 percent, down from more than 250,000 to about 40,000, and most of Maori land was stolen (Maori had 66.4 million acres in 1840, now have less than 3 million acres.)

The Management School of Restorative Business unequivocally condemns Westpac Banking Corporation, the murderous establishment and utterly corrupt government and judiciary in NZ for their continued crimes against humanity.

Please Support our call to boycott Westpac Bank: Endorse the petition at


CASF Human Rights Team


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