LIAR PARADOX: Bush and Illegal Immigration and Guest Worker Program


Whatever Bush says is a lie? That MUST be a truth!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Bush and Illegal Immigration and Guest Worker Program

The mantra is that illegals should be allowed to work here because they are doing jobs that Americans don't want to do. This mantra was put out there by the RepubliCorporates and the Right Wing politicians; that we should give "amnesty" to the 40 million illegals that are in the United States right now. If I had to guess I would say that about 60% of the illegal immigrants are fine, young, strapping men.

Bush is planning a land war in Iran. But Americans would burn Bush to pieces if he instituted the draft...see? Americans don't want to fight in wars for Exxon and Halliburton. These are just not the kinds of jobs that Americans want to do. Well under Bush's new and improved illegal immigration reform he's got over 20 million immigrants from Central America and Mexico that he can send over there.

How perfect is that for Bush's strategy!! See? We would all like to think that Bush is stupid, but he's really rather shrewd, isn't he?

Land war planning in Iran.

Washington Post defense analyst Bill Arkin: “The public needs to know that the train has left the station on bigger war planning, that a ground war — despite the Post claim yesterday that a land invasion ‘is not contemplated’ — is also being prepared. It is a real war plan; I’ve heard CONPLAN 1025.” 6:36 pm | Comment (28)


At 11:12 AM, Blogger Pete Bogs said...

I'm a little too old to be drafted, but if they start that up all hell is going to break loose... I've already got my "Draft THIS!" shirt with an arrow pointing to my groin area in the works... this is the one issue where, if I have to, I'll go out and get arrested for demonstrating...

I don't what Bush is up to on this, but he's up to something... I'm hearing theories such as, he wants to bring unskilled workers in at the behest of his corporate buddies to give them a way to have cheap labor without going overseas... I am watching this closely now...


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