LIAR PARADOX: Iraqi Anti-War Protestor in Nashville Sentenced to Prison


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Monday, October 24, 2005

Iraqi Anti-War Protestor in Nashville Sentenced to Prison

This guy who was an anti-war activist in nashville, but just so happened to not be an American; however, he is someone who understands what kind of asshole Saddam Hussein is better than any of us Americans, was arrested last year, by the John Ashcroft machine, about a month before the presidential elections.

I believe in my heart that he was a sacrificial lamb for the Republican cause. Yes, he was a little angry, but who wouldn't be? I think his anger was more frustration and stress, seeing how his family lives in Nasiriyah, where all hell's been breaking loose for too long.

Ahmed used to drive a van around that was painted with peace messages for Israel and Palestine. He also marched with us against the war in Iraq.

Well the feds kept bothering him because he refused to back down from their threats to not be involved with the peace movement (it's bad PR when you got Iraqis who defected to the United States to get away from the tyrant Saddam, protesting against your war, you know?)

Well, Ashcroft and Bush got their revenge.

I had been thinking about Ahmed alot today. A LOT. I couldn't get him out of my mind, so i decided to Google him and found out that he WAS SENTENCED TODAY to five years with a possibility of deportation upon completion of serving his time.

Neeedless to say; that was some wild synchronicity for me.

Click here for their "story"

Click here for story about Ahmed protesting the torture of Iraqis in 2004


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