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Sunday, October 23, 2005


Those "Fundamentalist Christians" out there that claim that our country was founded on their "religion." They're WRONG.

Fundamentalist Christianity is not the same type of Christianity practiced by our founding parents of America. Fundamentalist Christianity is a new, virulent strain of Christianity with a warped view of Jesus and what the meaning of Christ is all about. I don't want to get into a theocratic talk, I'm not 100% expert in this area; but I do understand from HISTORY what different people believed religion wise; and the founders of this Country were not the types of Christians that the fundamentalists are today.

Actually, the Fundamentalist Chrisitan movement is one of the youngest forms of Christianity out there, second to the Mormon Church.

This virulent strain of Christianity infiltrated the Scottish and Irish immigrants of the Southeastern United States only in the early 1800s!

They didn't get my Scottish/Irish people until the mid1900s; in fact, my great-grandfather V.R. McMillen died a proud heathen in 1995!

Unfortunately this most deadly strain of Christianity has been spreading like wildfire ever since. I don't have time to research this, but maybe if you're reading this and you care enough to take our country back from these mentally defective religious freaks, you can do some research.

Here is one excerpt of the origin of this most dangerous social disease known as Fundamental Christianity:

In the early 19th century, a remarkable religious revival began in the backwoods of Kentucky. Known as the Great Revival, it spread outward from its hearth in central Kentucky and blazed across Mississippi as it swept the frontier. The revival brought thousands of converts into the evangelical fold and fueled the rapid expansion of evangelical sects, especially the Baptists and Methodists. Presbyterian churches, however, mostly attracted townspeople and never sought to enroll the masses. The typical evangelical church was a biracial one, and the African-American converts greatly influenced evangelical ritual and practice. In these biracial churches a remarkable process of cultural exchange between blacks and whites took place.



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