LIAR PARADOX: October 2005


Whatever Bush says is a lie? That MUST be a truth!

Friday, October 28, 2005

Today is a Sad Day?!?

I don't understand how Mr. Wilson can claim that today is a sad day, because I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, the Chief of Staff of the Vice President of the United States was indicted for obstruction of justice, not to mention perjury.

You want to talk about some sad days in recent American History, Mr. Wilson? I'll give you a few!

November 2000, that was a sad month for America.

The days of "shock and awe" in Iraq were sad days.

The day that George Bush preyed on the fears of and lied to the American people in his State of the Union address with those infamous sixteen words, was a sad day.

9-11 was a sad day.

When Katrina flooded one of America's most exotic cities, New Orleans, THAT was a sad day.

The day(s) that the Patriot Act was enacted, and re-enacted again, were sad days for America.

But today is a day of victory for the American people who were lied to. Today is a happy day for those of us who have sat here feeling alone and alienated that the country our predecessors have fought for was dying. Today was a day of fresh air for us. Some of the stench has been aired out.

But it's only the beginning. Karl Rove, you're next.

song of the day
: The Dixie Chicks Truth No. 2
The lyrics are so very true to today's events. Click "Dixie Chicks" above for sample of song

I'm so very happy that I feel like waving the flag today. Thank you sister justice!!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Iraqi Anti-War Protestor in Nashville Sentenced to Prison

This guy who was an anti-war activist in nashville, but just so happened to not be an American; however, he is someone who understands what kind of asshole Saddam Hussein is better than any of us Americans, was arrested last year, by the John Ashcroft machine, about a month before the presidential elections.

I believe in my heart that he was a sacrificial lamb for the Republican cause. Yes, he was a little angry, but who wouldn't be? I think his anger was more frustration and stress, seeing how his family lives in Nasiriyah, where all hell's been breaking loose for too long.

Ahmed used to drive a van around that was painted with peace messages for Israel and Palestine. He also marched with us against the war in Iraq.

Well the feds kept bothering him because he refused to back down from their threats to not be involved with the peace movement (it's bad PR when you got Iraqis who defected to the United States to get away from the tyrant Saddam, protesting against your war, you know?)

Well, Ashcroft and Bush got their revenge.

I had been thinking about Ahmed alot today. A LOT. I couldn't get him out of my mind, so i decided to Google him and found out that he WAS SENTENCED TODAY to five years with a possibility of deportation upon completion of serving his time.

Neeedless to say; that was some wild synchronicity for me.

Click here for their "story"

Click here for story about Ahmed protesting the torture of Iraqis in 2004

Bush is a Flip Flop

According to Larry Johnson of the CIA: "The president has flip-flopped on his promise to fire anyone in the White House implicated in a leak."

Poor flip flops. What have they ever done to be compared with an arse like Bush? Perhaps after it's all over with, we like the Iraqis in 2003, can take off our flip flops and slap the Elephants with them.

(The Elephant is the symbol for Republicans, for those who read this and might not know).


Golisten to Joni Mitchell's "Amelia." Be sure it's from her Hejira album. Other productions of the song will not do. It's a song about Amelia Earhardt. Amelia....what a beautiful name; and Joni did a most excellent job writing a song for her.

This is my favorite song right now. The music is great. It's almost Grateful Dead [Mars Hotel] sounding; and the words, you can just be right there where Joni is....can see the desert, the clouds, the ground below, it's squares and trees from up in the sky.

Forget i-tunes. I checked out their version and it's crap.

Fond Memories of a Cubicle World

My greatest feat while chained up in a cubicle for $7.00 an hour, enslaved by a bank:

Creating a most colorful psychedelic image on Microsoft Paint and sharing it with all my co-prisoners. It took me several work days to complete. Everyone thought it was beautiful and many made it their "wallpaper" on their desktop screens.

I wish I had a file of it, I would post it here.

Sunday, October 23, 2005


Those "Fundamentalist Christians" out there that claim that our country was founded on their "religion." They're WRONG.

Fundamentalist Christianity is not the same type of Christianity practiced by our founding parents of America. Fundamentalist Christianity is a new, virulent strain of Christianity with a warped view of Jesus and what the meaning of Christ is all about. I don't want to get into a theocratic talk, I'm not 100% expert in this area; but I do understand from HISTORY what different people believed religion wise; and the founders of this Country were not the types of Christians that the fundamentalists are today.

Actually, the Fundamentalist Chrisitan movement is one of the youngest forms of Christianity out there, second to the Mormon Church.

This virulent strain of Christianity infiltrated the Scottish and Irish immigrants of the Southeastern United States only in the early 1800s!

They didn't get my Scottish/Irish people until the mid1900s; in fact, my great-grandfather V.R. McMillen died a proud heathen in 1995!

Unfortunately this most deadly strain of Christianity has been spreading like wildfire ever since. I don't have time to research this, but maybe if you're reading this and you care enough to take our country back from these mentally defective religious freaks, you can do some research.

Here is one excerpt of the origin of this most dangerous social disease known as Fundamental Christianity:

In the early 19th century, a remarkable religious revival began in the backwoods of Kentucky. Known as the Great Revival, it spread outward from its hearth in central Kentucky and blazed across Mississippi as it swept the frontier. The revival brought thousands of converts into the evangelical fold and fueled the rapid expansion of evangelical sects, especially the Baptists and Methodists. Presbyterian churches, however, mostly attracted townspeople and never sought to enroll the masses. The typical evangelical church was a biracial one, and the African-American converts greatly influenced evangelical ritual and practice. In these biracial churches a remarkable process of cultural exchange between blacks and whites took place.


Friday, October 21, 2005


"This is clearly a sign of an activist court system," said Orlando, Florida right-wing nut, Matthew Staver regarding the Kansas Supreme Court striking down a Kansas law targeting homosexuals with harsher punishment for statutory rape than heterosexuals.

The Kansas law provides that if a defendant under the age of 19 engages in heterosexual activity with someone under the age of 16, then his or her criminal punishment will not be as severe as a defendant over the age of 19. However, the Kansas law did not provide for the same kind of reduced punishment if the defendant is a lesbian or gay.

The 18 year old defendant in the Kansas case was sentenced to 17 years for engaging in homosexual acts with a 14 year old. Had this been a heterosexual case, the maximum sentence would have been 15 months. How is it judicial activism to require that the laws be the same for both gay and hetero sex?

The Kansas supreme court held that the law was invalid because there was no legitimate state purpose for assessing harsher penalties for homosexual acts but not heterosexual ones. The state argued that its "purpose" was based on "moral disapproval," and was therefore legitimate. Oh, I can just hear the rednecks in the South just 35 years ago, arguing "moral disapproval" of interracial marriage in Virginia. However, our Supreme Court of the U.S. has stated over and over again that "a bare desire to harm a politically unpopular group cannot constitute a legitimate governmental interest."

There is such a thing in our Constitution that requires equal protection of all under the laws. One can not punish a group more harshly than another group just because you don't like who they are. If we were allowed to do such a thing, you better believe that I would be lobbying my state legislature to impose harsher penalties on Republican SUV drivers who throw garbage out their windows than on regular car drivers, because I don't like Republicans and I believe it's immoral for people to drive gas wasting SUVs in times like these, where there are oil shortages and we are at war with a country as a result.

It's ridiculous to accuse the Kansas Supreme Court of judicial activism just because they are abiding by our Constitution as interpreted by the Supreme Court of the United States.

If you want harsher punishments for 18 year olds that have sex with 14 year olds, then you need to push for legislation that punishes heterosexual conduct just as harshly as homosexual conduct. But in this country of equality and freedom, you can't punish one more harshly than the other. To do otherwise is to contravene the spirit of our Constitution. And that, Mr. Staver, would be nothing but immoral, judicial activism.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Criminal Trials of Republicans or Saddam Hussein?

I am anxious to see which gets more coverage in the mainstream media in the upcoming weeks.

The Rove-Plame scandal and the criminal trial of Tom Delay or Saddam Hussein?

I am sure it's no coincidence that the trial of Saddam Hussein is building up at the time that major Republican leaders are facing their own destinies with America's criminal justice system.

I personally hope that there is more coverage of the Republican criminals than of Saddam Hussein. What has Saddam Hussein ever done to affect me and all the rest of us Americans? Nothing.

However, the Republicans have done lots to affect me and the rest of us Americans:

1. They've compromised our civil liberties and privacy rights by exercising undue influence over us regarding their "Patriot" Act;

2. They've cost us hundreds of billions of dollars on the war in Iraq: a war created by their own criminal conspiracies;

3. They've made it harder for me to breathe the air and drink the water;

4. They've caused me anxiety, stress, and despair as I've witnessed our citizens in New Orleans suffer from the Bush Administration's gross dereliction of their duties to help us in times of emergency; and

5. Last but not least, they have killed what little bit of democracy we once had in the United States, causing us to be less democratic than many Eastern European countries who this time 20 years ago were dictatorships.

I could care less about Saddam Hussein's trial. Bring on the trials of the real threats to American Democracy, Environmentalism, and World Peace. Come on Corporate Media!! Give us the full attention of the criminal investiagations and trials of the real criminals: Tom DeLay; Karl Rove; Scooter Libby; John Bolton; Dick Cheney; and yes, George "Chimp Boy Dumbya" Bush!

I will not watch the trial of Saddam Hussein. I have determined that any time I hear Saddam Hussein's name on my television I will race to the remote and change the channel. Take that to the bank, corporate advertisers.

Saturday, October 15, 2005


The circumference of Earth's equator is roughly 24,000 miles.

That means that in one year, the average American drives around the planet.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Harriet Miers and Judicial Activism

In response to the Conservatives who worry that Harriet Miers "might become part of the 'activist' group like Justice Souter has," I would like to say: get a life.

If anyone in the Supreme Court is a "judicial activist" it's Scalia. Scalia's judicial philosophy changes with the wind: Scalia's judicial opinions are motivated not by a philosophy of States' Rights, NOT by whether the Constitution is a fixed piece of paper or a living and breathing document; NOT by a philosphy of a strong federal government, but by Religious Conservativism.

Scalia is a Right Wing activist for Conservative Christians. He ruled against States rights recently in that California Medical Marijuana case, where the State law allowed people to grow and use marijuana for medical purposes; only to flip flop in favor of States' Rights when a State law is written to create obstacles for women getting abortions, or when a State law is written making it a law for gay men to have sex. Do you see a pattern here? If it's a law that the moral majority is opposed to, Scalia will argue against that law; but if it's a State law that the moral majority favors, then Scalia favors it too. Now if THAT ain't "Judicial Activism" I don't know what is.

It just so happens that Ginsberg and other liberal-leaning justices ruled against the California State law legalizing medical marijuana, based on the judicial philosophy that the federal government has the power to regulate Commerce when there are federal interests that are greater than the State interest which motivates the state legislature to enact such a law.

So all you conservatives out there that use the term "judicial activist" against anyone who doesn't legislate from the bench for Religious-Conservatism-control-freak-causes just shut your mouths.

I'm not knocking all of the Conservative Justices in the Supreme Court.

At least Clarence Thomas sticks with his States' Rights guns every time; he was in favor of the California State law allowing California's citizens to grow and use marijuana for medical purposes on a States Rights judicial philosophy. In his own opinion in Lawrence v. Texas, the Supreme Court case that invalidated the law making it a crime for gay men to have sex, Justice Thomas in his strong States Rights philosphy said: "Although I think that this Texas law is the most ridiculous law, if I sat on the Texas state legislature I would overturn this law: but I do not. Therefore, this law should stand, because it is what the people of Texas want."

I don't agree with Clarence Thomas in dissenting opinion in Lawrence v. Texas (2003), but I respect him. He is not motivated by Christian Conservatives ideals; instead, he's motivated by a States Rights judicial philosophy. Clarence Thomas doesn't legislate in the name of Jesus from the bench. Unlike Scalia.......the alpha judicial activist.

In summary, Conservatives, shut up about Judicial Activists! Unless you can lay off your hypocrisy for one moment and admit that the biggest Judicial Acvitist of All is Scalia!!

Friday, October 07, 2005


Corporation watch. Please check out this site, and educate yourself about what is going on today in the World regarding water shortages, and wars over water.

Bolivia leads the way in fighting off corporations that are trying to take control of our most precious natural resource on the planet...water.

Read this book as soon as you can, and boycott Evian, Naya, Dasani (Coca-Cola water), and Pepsi brand water.


Saturday, October 01, 2005


This is posted and copied: original Source:

Florida gun law warning

Tourists travelling to Florida are being warned to avoid aggressive arguments with locals because they risk being shot.

A US gun control group is placing adverts in British newspapers this weekend to highlight new laws allowing gun owners to shoot anyone they feel is threatening their safety.

The Brady Campaign to Control Gun Violence said foreign tourists may be at risk because they are more likely to be perceived as a threat by locals.

Sarah Brady, who heads the campaign, said: "We think people visiting Florida should be aware of this law, and act accordingly. Visitors should be very careful about getting into an aggressive argument with anyone during their stay."

Around 1.5 million British tourists travel to Florida every year, and from next week, they will be handed leaflets as they arrive at Miami and Orlando airports.

Before the law was passed, Floridians could carry concealed guns in public places but could only use them as a last resort when there was no other way to avoid injury.

The new law eliminates the need to avoid such threats by allowing the gun user to "shoot first".

Keith Betton, spokesman for the Association of British Travel Agents, said he did not think the adverts would have any impact.

He said: "If they're trying to scare people I think they've just wasted an awful lot of money.

"This law is not going to put people off travelling to Florida. Tourists are generally aware of the comparative freedom by way of carrying guns and are highly unlikely to put themselves in situations of confrontation."

Jul 17: Anti-gun crime plea in song