LIAR PARADOX: United States hasn't answered Cuba's offer for aid to victims of Katrina


Whatever Bush says is a lie? That MUST be a truth!

Monday, September 05, 2005

United States hasn't answered Cuba's offer for aid to victims of Katrina

What an asshole George Bush and his administration is.

How dare they play politics at a time like this?

I'm referring to the fact that Fidel Castro offered to send 1,100 doctors to the United States to help care for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

George Bush hasn't accepted or rejected the offer.
That's really shitty.
There's one doctor at the Astrodome assigned to 10,000 people, and Bush wants to be a dick and play politics with people's health care by not accepting Castro's offer.

On the same note regarding offers to the United States for aid from other countries. If we're going to turn down anyone's offer it should be Japan's. selfish bastards.

What? They are only giving $200,000 to the Red Cross and promise not to give any more than $500,000? For goodness sakes! Afghanistan gave us $100,000, and JAPAN can only give $200,000?

Keep it, Japan. And by the way. Quit starving the whales by netting all the brine shrimp for dog food for your pets.

Hats off to you, Germany. Y'all seem to be the most generous of all the countries.

I appreciate the fact that all the countries willing to help out Katrina's victims can separate the politics of George Bush from the suffering of the poor who really bear the brunt of the Republicans' upper white middle class male agendae in this country.


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