LIAR PARADOX: Katrina and Mississippi: Neglected by Bush.....Neglected by the Media


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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Katrina and Mississippi: Neglected by Bush.....Neglected by the Media

Here is a post that I found from the Clarion Ledger Forum regarding the crisis from Hurricane Katrina along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. I suggested that perhaps these folks should contact some folks at the FSU film school to help them do a documentary on Mississippi...the damage...the deprivation of their rights...the lost...

You want to know how bad the coast of Mississippi is? OK listen to this. The whole town of Gulfport is in mostly shambles. Biloxi was hit with 30 storm tides, 6 feet about the record of Camille. Jackson County, Harrison County are in dire straits from storm surge, flooding, winds and worse of all FEMA. Moss Point has been ignored as of last I heard. My twin sister lost everything she had when her house was totally blown away as was almost all her neighbors. My sisters and brother in Gulfport are still unaccounted for and FEMA and Homeland Security won't let anybody in to go to shelters looking. My twin had her callto me on her cell phone, interrupted by someone and she had to hang up immediately. Her last words, it is bad really bad, everything is gone. That is when she was interrupted.

No it isn't probably as bad as New Orleans but make no mistake it is not far behind. Look for disease outbreak on the coast because almost nothing is working. It is so stupid how we can't find anyone, it is criminal how I can't even get my twin to fill me in on her losses and I didn't even have time to tell her I could find her housing. This is so sick and if you dumb no brain moronic right wing Bush supporters can't see he is a bumbling idiot then you are the dumbest stupidest morons in the world.

Let me tell you that I got an email from 2 people in Finland. One help to unload a plane full of relief supplies BushCo refused to let in. These 2 both said, "We wanted to help to return what America did for us in WW2. What is wrong with your people?" The people of Finland was hurt because they wanted to help and instead got kicked in the rear by our government, but they are not alone, 90 countries have offerd help including Sweden who had much needed water purification systems they were trying to semt.

Dang folks get your head out of your rear end and see what this bunch of maniac psychopaths are doing to us. Don't you care? Is it ok with you this group is now killing storm victims, not allowing supplies to people, taking to court a sheriff for directing 2 trucks of water to those in dire need around Brooklyn Ms.? Dang folks are you that d@mn cold heart you let Mississippians, and Louisianans die due to a system that was given to a man just as a political payback? What is wrong with you people? I wish you had suffered this storm, because YOU are as responsible oa this murdering bunch of traitors.


At 3:31 PM, Blogger mokawanis said...

Did you catch Bloody Bush's apology?

"Katrina exposed serious problems in our response capability at all levels of government. And to the extent that the federal government didn't fully do it's job right, I take responsibility."

How frightening to hear the man who's supposedly leading a global war on terror say that the government isn't prepared to deal effectively with disasters. He wages the wrong war, manages it poorly, leaves countless thousands to suffer needlessly on our own soil, and then comes out with an apology that isn't really even an apology. I get the sense he's admitting mistakes and at the same time admitting he doesn't even know what the mistakes were. This guy is ripping us apart and selling us out and we need to hold him accountable.

At 3:37 PM, Blogger banana said...

his confession is not enough to satisfy me.

now if he and cheney would just resign, i might be somewhat satisfied

At 1:43 AM, Anonymous íçë said...

Sorry to hear about your family Banana.

I hope they are all right and that you can get in touch with them soon.

At 7:56 PM, Blogger banana said...

oh, that's not my family. that was someone who posted on a message board on the Clarion Ledger, a newspaper in Jackson MS.

i do have some family down there, and I haven't heard anything from my father that they're missing, so mine is ok.....

it's really a sad thing. I watch these reuniting stories on CNN and stuff and just can't help but cry.

Now average Americans know how the Iraqi civilians feel.

I hate to say it...but it does seem kinda Karmic to me...what has happened down there in them red states.

the funny thing is I have an uncle that lives about 60 miles north of the Gulf Coast in Miss. and so he has gone through this. just two months ago he and his wife were in London a mile away from the bombings.

I wonder if he still supports Bush? or if he realizes that maybe that white-bearded man in the sky he so much believes in might be trying to tell him something.

At 9:55 PM, Anonymous íçë said...

Oops - Guess I read past the intro too quickly.

Yeah, good ol karma.

A buddy of mine was in London right after the bombings occurred.

A girl that works for his cousin was supposed to be on one of the trains that blew up, on her way to work - but she was late that day.



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