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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

It Feels Like Fascism

My husband and I took a trip up to the hills of North Caroline, my ancestral homeland. We decided that Asheville would be a nice place to hang out, and it's where my grandmomma grew up....lucky gal.

I loved Asheville and could have just stayed there forever...if only there weren't so many darned tourists.... from the nature loving destroyers of Nature...the mountain bikers in their SUVs, the Christians who want to see the miracles of God's creation firsthand, the bird watchers, the artists seeking inspiration...everyone was in Asheville, and it was such long a ride on the interstate...try five miles an hour for about 5 miles on the interstate.

Most people like to go to Asheville to see that Vanderbilt family mansion, known as the Biltmore Estate. I don't care how many parties you have...that house is just too damned big for one family, and I don't care to see it.

We instead cruised to downtown Asheville. A Southern hippie mecca. Now I don't mean to make fun of hippies or anything, but I have a problem with some of them restaurant owning lefties in Asheville. That's fine if you want to sell free range eggs and all that, but please don't be so condescending as to tout anti-poverty issues....because it really does seem elitist to those poor people you cheerlead for when they see that a plate of your "free range eggs" cost $10.00, and I won't even go into your organic coffee prices.

So we ate at the Waffle House. It was better anyway. As my husband says, this is where the real people are...where you can hear big brother Joe talking it up with another Baptist missionary on his own trip to Baptist mecca Asheville.

Asheville is a very interesting place in that regard. It appears that left wing political ideoligists, social justice activists, and artists have comfortably made Asheville their home; but it also seems that the Christians have made it their home too.

After we had enough of the left wing and the Christian missionaries of Asheville, we decided to head on out. On the way out we went to Mars Hill Baptist College, which is where my grandmomma went to school when she was a young girl. Back then, it was an all-girl college and most of the young ladies, including my grandmomma, were Cherokee. Can anyone say assimilation vis a vis Christian missionary work?

We got to Mars Hill, North Carolina... one of the most beautiful places I've ever been on earth...and a very very Baptist town. All that was there were some farms on the outskirts, the college and about 5 churches. Despite the church presence, I felt like I was in a dream. This place was so beautiful.

I was a little reticent about driving around there too much with my car, because of all the anti-war, anti-Bush stickers all over them. So I tried my best to hide my car from these people. That's when I realized that this is what Fascism feels like.

The people up front are really nice, but I'm afraid if they had seen the stickers on my car, they would have chased us out of that pretty little moutain town with blazing torches. Fascism.


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