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Friday, September 02, 2005

I Don't Know Why They're Shooting at Me

I spoke to a lady who is in the National Guard, and she has been to New Orleans and back several times, via C-5 Airplane. The National Guard in Memphis is taking four trips a day to New Orleans via airplane for the rescue mission.

She said that they hoped to be able to get folks loaded onto the C-5 plane and fly them to Memphis, but because of the floods, there is nowhere they can land the plane. She said that if they could load the evacuees onto the plane while still inside the bus, that they were going to do it.

She told me that she doesn't understand why the thugs shoot at her and the others in the National Guard.

I told her that the mayor of New Orleans says that those "thugs" that are carjacking, looting and terrorizing hospitals, are drug addicts going through severe withdrawal symptoms. She seemed to think that this made very good sense.

As she left school for her next trip to New Orleans, I wished her luck and hopes that the thugs will be out of ammo by the time she gets there again.


At 2:21 AM, Anonymous íçë said...

On CNN, as Paula Zahn, Anderson Cooper and Soledad Obrien blast away at the federal officials for gross mismanagement - Lou Dobbs has another view ...

In discussing the racial tensions that have risen, he openly wonders why the looting occuring in New Orleans was not seen in NY on 9/11.

He fails to make the connection between poverty and crime, evident in every city in every country in the world - a phenomenon that knows not race nor religion.

That pointy head of his ... white hood or dunce cap?

At 11:40 AM, Blogger banana said...

I'm glad that others see Lou Dobbs as a racist, too.

One could only imagine if the victims of Katrina were hispanic, what Lou Dobbs would have to say about that.

President responded quickly to Hurricane Katrina

Not President Bush. Cuban President Fidel Castro. Speaking on Cuban television tonight, Castro revealed that on Tuesday, while George Bush was still on vacation playing with his spiffy new guitar, and a day or two before the Secretary of State went shopping for shoes, Cuba contacted the State Department and offered no less than 1,100 doctors to assist in dealing with the crisis. Doctors who, unlike the hospital ship which has yet to leave its berth in Baltimore and isn't scheduled to be in New Orleans until next Saturday (!), could have been on site by Wednesday if the Cuban offer had been accepted.

It wasn't.


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