LIAR PARADOX: September 2005


Whatever Bush says is a lie? That MUST be a truth!

Friday, September 30, 2005


I guess "God don't like Pat Robertson?"

This is a picture of Confederate President Jefferson Davis' house, which sits on the beach in Biloxi, Mississippi, after Hurricane Katrina got a hold of it.

Jefferson Davis died in this house.

Thursday, September 29, 2005


The U.S. Constitution protects our Rights to an abortion, based not only on the Fundamental Constitutional Rights to privacy, but ALSO the Fundamental First Amendment Right to religious freedom. Seeing how those who are opposed to abortion are opposed to it on religious grounds, states that enact anti-abortion laws, are in effect, pandering to their religious voter base, which is an infringement on OUR First Amendment Rights to religious freedom.

How is a Right to choose abortion a Religious Freedom for pro-choice advocates? Laws against abortion are laws that abridge our Fundamental Rights to Privacy and to our Fundamental First Amendment Right to Religious Freedom. Laws that abridge these Fundamental Rights are subject to strict scrutiny by the courts, which means that the Court must inquire into the motivation behind the legislature. The motivation behind anti-abortion laws would be religiously based, and therefore, unconstitutional, because, although the Constitution does not explicitly state that there should be a separation of church and state, it does protect our Relgious Freedom, and that means for those who choose, Freedom FROM Religion. Therefore, the First Amendment forbids the church from controlling our states via lobbying legislature and petitioning them to enact laws that conform exclusively to their religious beliefs, thereby discriminating against us who do not subscribe to those religious beliefs; thereby infringing on OUR Religious Freedom Rights.

These arguments can also be applied to states that have enacted laws infringing on our rights to access to contraception and morning after pills, or in lawsuits against pharmacists motivated by their religious beliefs to refuse to sell contraception and morning after pills to the public.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Pinch Me!

Tom Delay has been indicted for criminal conspiracy and has stepped down as majority leader! Am I dreaming? Somebody pinch me!!

Ok one down, many more to go. Who is next? Bill Frist?

It Feels Like Fascism

My husband and I took a trip up to the hills of North Caroline, my ancestral homeland. We decided that Asheville would be a nice place to hang out, and it's where my grandmomma grew up....lucky gal.

I loved Asheville and could have just stayed there forever...if only there weren't so many darned tourists.... from the nature loving destroyers of Nature...the mountain bikers in their SUVs, the Christians who want to see the miracles of God's creation firsthand, the bird watchers, the artists seeking inspiration...everyone was in Asheville, and it was such long a ride on the interstate...try five miles an hour for about 5 miles on the interstate.

Most people like to go to Asheville to see that Vanderbilt family mansion, known as the Biltmore Estate. I don't care how many parties you have...that house is just too damned big for one family, and I don't care to see it.

We instead cruised to downtown Asheville. A Southern hippie mecca. Now I don't mean to make fun of hippies or anything, but I have a problem with some of them restaurant owning lefties in Asheville. That's fine if you want to sell free range eggs and all that, but please don't be so condescending as to tout anti-poverty issues....because it really does seem elitist to those poor people you cheerlead for when they see that a plate of your "free range eggs" cost $10.00, and I won't even go into your organic coffee prices.

So we ate at the Waffle House. It was better anyway. As my husband says, this is where the real people are...where you can hear big brother Joe talking it up with another Baptist missionary on his own trip to Baptist mecca Asheville.

Asheville is a very interesting place in that regard. It appears that left wing political ideoligists, social justice activists, and artists have comfortably made Asheville their home; but it also seems that the Christians have made it their home too.

After we had enough of the left wing and the Christian missionaries of Asheville, we decided to head on out. On the way out we went to Mars Hill Baptist College, which is where my grandmomma went to school when she was a young girl. Back then, it was an all-girl college and most of the young ladies, including my grandmomma, were Cherokee. Can anyone say assimilation vis a vis Christian missionary work?

We got to Mars Hill, North Carolina... one of the most beautiful places I've ever been on earth...and a very very Baptist town. All that was there were some farms on the outskirts, the college and about 5 churches. Despite the church presence, I felt like I was in a dream. This place was so beautiful.

I was a little reticent about driving around there too much with my car, because of all the anti-war, anti-Bush stickers all over them. So I tried my best to hide my car from these people. That's when I realized that this is what Fascism feels like.

The people up front are really nice, but I'm afraid if they had seen the stickers on my car, they would have chased us out of that pretty little moutain town with blazing torches. Fascism.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Keep your Politics out of My Marriage

Unitd States Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas, on religious conservatives trying to control married people's contraceptive rights: "The association [of marriage] promotes a way of life, NOT CAUSES; a harmony of living, NOT POLITICAL FAITHS; a bilateral loyalty, NOT COMMERCIAL OR SOCIAL PROJECTS.......Marriage involves a RIGHT TO PRIVACY older than the Bill of Rights."

Griswold v. Connecticut
, U.S. Supreme Court, 1965

Wonder how John Roberts feels about these words?

Thursday, September 22, 2005


Here soon, one gallon of gas will equal one hour of work for those on minimum wage. '

Yet they say that the economy is good? For who? Oh I know. Those who get tax cuts.

Sunday, September 18, 2005


Refusal to pay taxes is one of the most unpatriotic things a person can stand for.

I know.... most people, when they think of refusing to pay taxes, they are doing it in the spirit of the Boston Tea Party.....dreaming of the days that refusing to pay taxes was the patriotic thing to do.

Yes, it was patriotic to not pay your taxes before the year 1776, but since then, to argue against paying taxes in the spirit of the original patriots of the spirit of the Boston Tea Party.... is..... well..... showing your ignorance.

Our ancestors, prior to 1776 refused to pay taxes to the King of England. Recall from elementary American History the phrase, "No Taxation Without Representation!"

Well we don't have a King running the show.... Today we do have representation, and it is your DUTY as a represented citizen of America to pay your share of taxes....especially those of you sitting at the top of the hill.... the 1% of you that own and control most of the wealth.

Furthermore, you came to this country as an immigrant...we took you in.... tired, poor, and hungry and we gave you an opportunity to be the person that you are today. What do you do in return? You turn your back on U.S.

HOW DARE YOU sit back and support the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and call liberals communists for supporting higher taxes, meanwhile, YOU are the ones that sit back and let China, a Communist Country buy up this country's Treasury Bonds to fund the war in Iraq, because YOU aren't "patriotic" enough to be willing to pay more in taxes for a war that YOU, not I, support!

How dare you not call your Congresspeople and tell them that you are willing to increase what you pay in taxes to help rebuild the Gulf Coast of Mississippi and New Orleans?

Think twice before you tell me that, as a liberal, I support communism and am un-American, while your refusal to pay taxes results in a communist country known for ill treatment toward its workers and citizens buying up America nickel by dime.

***note: this post does not apply to those of you refusing to pay your taxes because you believe that George Bush is not legally our president. You're probably not in the "richest Americans" tax bracket anyway.

China recycles trade surplus into US Treasury bonds
American companies may have forgotten what Henry Ford propounded when he first built his Model T: If you do not pay high enough wages to your workers, they can't afford to buy your product. One simple basis for that Bush boom is that China is recycling its US$100 billion-plus trade surplus with the US back into dollars, and especially into US Treasury bonds. Almost half of the US Treasury bonds are now owned in Asia. So China is financing Bush's bold economic experiment: running two or more wars simultaneously with a huge budget and trade deficit, and equally huge tax handouts for the richest Americans.

Tracking the Roberts Confirmation Hearings

Tom Goldstein of SCOTUSblog is liveblogging the John Roberts Supreme Court Nomination hearing. Check out his coverage of DAY TWO. Coverage of DAY ONE is also available.

Goldstein & Howe, the firm which produces SCOTUSblog, also is maintaining a companion blog, The Supreme Court Nomination Blog.

SOURCE: Law Librarian Blog

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Katrina and Mississippi: Neglected by Bush.....Neglected by the Media

Here is a post that I found from the Clarion Ledger Forum regarding the crisis from Hurricane Katrina along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. I suggested that perhaps these folks should contact some folks at the FSU film school to help them do a documentary on Mississippi...the damage...the deprivation of their rights...the lost...

You want to know how bad the coast of Mississippi is? OK listen to this. The whole town of Gulfport is in mostly shambles. Biloxi was hit with 30 storm tides, 6 feet about the record of Camille. Jackson County, Harrison County are in dire straits from storm surge, flooding, winds and worse of all FEMA. Moss Point has been ignored as of last I heard. My twin sister lost everything she had when her house was totally blown away as was almost all her neighbors. My sisters and brother in Gulfport are still unaccounted for and FEMA and Homeland Security won't let anybody in to go to shelters looking. My twin had her callto me on her cell phone, interrupted by someone and she had to hang up immediately. Her last words, it is bad really bad, everything is gone. That is when she was interrupted.

No it isn't probably as bad as New Orleans but make no mistake it is not far behind. Look for disease outbreak on the coast because almost nothing is working. It is so stupid how we can't find anyone, it is criminal how I can't even get my twin to fill me in on her losses and I didn't even have time to tell her I could find her housing. This is so sick and if you dumb no brain moronic right wing Bush supporters can't see he is a bumbling idiot then you are the dumbest stupidest morons in the world.

Let me tell you that I got an email from 2 people in Finland. One help to unload a plane full of relief supplies BushCo refused to let in. These 2 both said, "We wanted to help to return what America did for us in WW2. What is wrong with your people?" The people of Finland was hurt because they wanted to help and instead got kicked in the rear by our government, but they are not alone, 90 countries have offerd help including Sweden who had much needed water purification systems they were trying to semt.

Dang folks get your head out of your rear end and see what this bunch of maniac psychopaths are doing to us. Don't you care? Is it ok with you this group is now killing storm victims, not allowing supplies to people, taking to court a sheriff for directing 2 trucks of water to those in dire need around Brooklyn Ms.? Dang folks are you that d@mn cold heart you let Mississippians, and Louisianans die due to a system that was given to a man just as a political payback? What is wrong with you people? I wish you had suffered this storm, because YOU are as responsible oa this murdering bunch of traitors.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

iPOD Nano

Whatever. Fine. You want to bring out the Nano for those who subscribe to the tenet that "smaller is better."

What about those of us who are perfectly content with the Mini?

I'm very frustrated that Apple has totally removed the Mini from the market and replaced it with the Nano.


I wonder if there is some crusade to this effect out there that I could join?

Saturday, September 10, 2005


In 2002, Jamaica conducted a full-scale evacuation rehearsal in a low-lying suburb of coastal Kingston, and fine-tuned plans afterward. When Ivan's 20-foot surge destroyed hundreds of homes two years later, only eight people died. Ordinary Jamaicans also are taught search-and-rescue methods and towns at risk have trained flood-alert teams.
Like many around the world, Barbara Carby, Jamaica's disaster coordinator, watched in disbelief as the [ Katrina ] catastrophe unfolded on the U.S. Gulf Coast.
"We always have resource constraints," she said. "That's not a problem the U.S. has. But because they have the resources, they may not pay enough attention to preparedness and awareness, and to educating the public how to help themselves." FROM: Washington Monthly

Here is a picture of the flooding in Jamaica after Ivan. From my own personal experience, I was in Jamaica two months after a hurricane hit, and there were still flooded areas. Amazing, that a Third World country with limited financial resources sustains massive flooding from a hurricane and only eight people die, compared to America, who spends billions of dollars "protecting America" in the form of FEMA, Homeland Security, Corps of Engineers, etc. but thousands upon thousands of Americans die and one million Americans are left homeless.

For the mathematically challenged, one million Americans = 1 out of every 300 Americans.
1 out of 300 Americans left homeless as a result of hurricane Katrina, and people in this country still support the current Administration? There is no hope for those people.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Hurricane Katrina and Mexican Aid

Am I the only person that finds it funny that Mexico is offering drinking water to the victims of Hurricane Katrina?

Monday, September 05, 2005

From New Orleans Indymedia

Breaking News From New Orleans Indymedia: Sep 03 7:44PM CDT: Grassroots/Low-income/People of Color-led Relief Organizations: "Targeting donations for democratic rebuilding: relief efforts led by, and/or accountable to, low-income people, people of color and local people in NOLA and other affected areas."

Sep. 03, 2005 at 2:48 PM Blank Panther, Green Party veteran reports from New Orleans: Malik Rahim is in the Algiers neighborhood of New Orleans, which isn't flooded. He welcomes help & gives way of contacting him at end of article...

Sep. 03, 2005 12:03 PM Halliburton hired for storm cleanup: The Navy has hired Houston-based Halliburton Co. to . . . remove debris . . .

Sep 03 7:09AM CDT: Troops Begin Combat Operations in New Orleans: "This place is going to look like Little Somalia” -- Brig. General

Sep 03 6:10AM CDT: Cuba Offers Medical Supplies and 1,100 Doctors to Katrina Victims

Sep 03 6:00AM CDT: Ecuatorianos en necesidad

Sep 03 5:30AM CDT: Please help Food Not Bombs provide help for the victims of Katrina

United States hasn't answered Cuba's offer for aid to victims of Katrina

What an asshole George Bush and his administration is.

How dare they play politics at a time like this?

I'm referring to the fact that Fidel Castro offered to send 1,100 doctors to the United States to help care for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

George Bush hasn't accepted or rejected the offer.
That's really shitty.
There's one doctor at the Astrodome assigned to 10,000 people, and Bush wants to be a dick and play politics with people's health care by not accepting Castro's offer.

On the same note regarding offers to the United States for aid from other countries. If we're going to turn down anyone's offer it should be Japan's. selfish bastards.

What? They are only giving $200,000 to the Red Cross and promise not to give any more than $500,000? For goodness sakes! Afghanistan gave us $100,000, and JAPAN can only give $200,000?

Keep it, Japan. And by the way. Quit starving the whales by netting all the brine shrimp for dog food for your pets.

Hats off to you, Germany. Y'all seem to be the most generous of all the countries.

I appreciate the fact that all the countries willing to help out Katrina's victims can separate the politics of George Bush from the suffering of the poor who really bear the brunt of the Republicans' upper white middle class male agendae in this country.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Katrina and other national disasters: this photo says it all

Saturday, September 03, 2005

President responded quickly to Hurricane Katrina

President responded quickly to Hurricane Katrina

Not President Bush. Cuban President Fidel Castro. Speaking on Cuban television tonight, Castro revealed that on Tuesday, while George Bush was still on vacation playing with his spiffy new guitar, and a day or two before the Secretary of State went shopping for shoes, Cuba contacted the State Department and offered no less than 1,100 doctors to assist in dealing with the crisis. Doctors who, unlike the hospital ship which has yet to leave its berth in Baltimore and isn't scheduled to be in New Orleans until next Saturday !, could have been on site by Wednesday if the Cuban offer had been accepted.

It wasn't.

Friday, September 02, 2005

I Don't Know Why They're Shooting at Me

I spoke to a lady who is in the National Guard, and she has been to New Orleans and back several times, via C-5 Airplane. The National Guard in Memphis is taking four trips a day to New Orleans via airplane for the rescue mission.

She said that they hoped to be able to get folks loaded onto the C-5 plane and fly them to Memphis, but because of the floods, there is nowhere they can land the plane. She said that if they could load the evacuees onto the plane while still inside the bus, that they were going to do it.

She told me that she doesn't understand why the thugs shoot at her and the others in the National Guard.

I told her that the mayor of New Orleans says that those "thugs" that are carjacking, looting and terrorizing hospitals, are drug addicts going through severe withdrawal symptoms. She seemed to think that this made very good sense.

As she left school for her next trip to New Orleans, I wished her luck and hopes that the thugs will be out of ammo by the time she gets there again.

Katrina Relief: Don't let the fact that the Red Cross site is overloaded keep you from donating

Don't let the fact that the red cross site is overloaded keep you from donating to them.

On the left hand site of this Red Cross website, scroll down and you can enter your zip code to find a Red Cross near you. They will accept your checks or cash or money orders or whatever.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

MEMPHIS WELCOMES HURRICANE REFUGEES: University Education with Room and Board, to Free Massages and Leisure and Entertainment

From the Memphis Convention and Visitors Bureau

Free & Discounted Attraction Admissions:
We understand that the evacuation from your home may have caused financial and emotional hardship. In addition, you may have children who are anxious and restless. On this page, we are providing information about free activities ( in our area and invite you to expend some restless energy.

Also, area attractions are offering discounts to evacuees.

Please provide proof of residence (valid driver's license).
Ballet Memphis 901-737-7322. Free tickets to this weekend's performances of "Momentum 7." Shows are 8pm Friday, September 2 & Saturday, September 3 at First Congregational Church, 1000 S. Cooper.
Botanic Garden - free admission
Brooks Museum of Art - free admission
Children's Museum of Memphis - $2 off per family. 901-458-2678
Fire Museum of Memphis - One free with one paid regular admission. 901-320-5650
Graceland - 20% off all adult and senior regular admissions. 901-332-3322
Libertyland 901-274-1776. Free admission up to 6 people in a group.
Lichterman Nature Center - free admission
Memphis Pink Palace - free admission. 901-320-6320
Memphis Public Library and Information Center. 19 Branches. 901-415-2700
Memphis Redbirds - free game tickets through September 4.
Memphis Rock 'n' Soul Museum - free admission through September
Memphis Zoo - 50% off regular admission. 901-276-6500
National Civil Rights Museum - free admission. 901-774-6380
National Ornamental Metal Museum - free admission
Peabody Place Museum - $3 admission price
Putt Putt - 80 game tokens for $10. 901-386-2992
Putt Putt - Buy 1 / Get 1 Mini Golf tickets. 901-386-2992
Putt Putt - Laser tag for $8.25. 901-386-2992
Race On Driving Experience - Call for discount
Ride the Ducks of Memphis - $2 off regular ticket price. 901-521-3825
Soulsville: Stax Museum of American Soul Music - free admission. 901-946-2535
Sun Studio - free admission
WONDERS: The Art of the Motorcycle - 50% off regular admission

Back to top

Offers from local businesses:
Please call ahead. Some offers are free and others are not. Please remember to provide proof of residency with a valid driver's license.

Angela Hamblen, 901-767-6767, Ext. 578. Free grief counseling.
Certified Sign Language Interpreter: Nena Stoddard, 901-385-4351. Free services.
David Goodwin, 901-363-4841 offering new and used uniforms.
Goodyear Tire, 6551 Winchester, 901-795-3811 - Will fix flats / tires free
• Local YMCA's are offering their facilities (shower, bathroom, pool, workout) free of charge with valid driver's license.
Kaleidoscope Hair Studio, 2763 Colony Park Drive, 901-363-1275 offers free massages, mini-manicures and shampoos.
Nash's Auto Repair and Body Shop, 1478 National, 901-301-0153 will do auto repairs for evacuees with valid driver's license.
Raines Road Laundromat, 593 East Raines Road, 901-396-3116. Free detergent and free drying service.

Employment Opportunities:
Beale Street Merchants Association will assist Louisiana (only) musicians and restaurant workers in finding employment. Come to their office at 154 Beale Street. Must provide valid ID. Lunch will also be provided on a daily basis from 12-1pm. You must go to their office to get a lunch voucher. Lunch will be served daily in Handy Park. For more information, call 901-529-0999.
Bill Fisher - manual labor jobs. Call 901-794-5464
Delta Medical Center, 3000 Getwell Road. Positions available for nurses for Telemetry, ICU, ED and Geriatric, Cardiology Tech, Med Tech, Phlebotomist, Mental Health Tech, Administrative Assistant, HIM Clerk and Collector. Call Karyn at 901-369-8529 or fax application from their web site at
Individual has need for someone to help with some yard work, exterior house painting for 3-5 days. Call Whitney Taylor at 901-218-4286.
Jason Hargrave. Manual work opportunities. 901-461-3487
JobLINC, 901-415-2700
Matthew White - small manufacturing company needs temporary help / general labor and metal workers. 901-272-7007
Memphis Cement 901-774-3207. Call David Laders. Two positions available.
Memphis Networks. Needed - optical engineer and implementation engineer. Call Dabney Wellford at 901-507-2103
Memphis & Shelby County Music Commission, 154 Beale Street will assist musicians and restaurants workers with employment.
Petra Cafe, 2170 Poplar Avenue West, #102, 901-853-3521 needs experienced restaurant help. Please call Lisa Douba.
Papa John's Pizza is hiring delivery drivers, order takers and pizza makers. Stop by anyof the 13 locations to apply.
Randy's Home Repair, 901-277-7310 or 901-387-0389. Positions available for home repair skills and lawn mowing.
Super Shine, Inc. offering employment. Call Phil Tate at 901-406-9664.
Wal-Mart offers temporary employment to evacuated Wal-Mart employees.
Wm. C. Ellis & Sons Ironworks, 245 S. Front, 901-525-0567 needs experienced machinist, welders or general laborers. Please call H.C. Ellis.

Temporary Employment:
Contact the temporary agencies in town to inquire about job opportunities.
Manpower: 901-761-3232
Randstad: 901-274-8146
Adecco: 901-624-6619
Kelly: 901-683-2342
STAFFMARK: 662-890-8691

Interpreter Services:
Vietnamese Baptist Church 901-406-1537. Call Doug Kellum

Also from the University of Memphis:

The University of Memphis has unique opportunities to help victims of
Hurricane Katrina in the coming weeks. Members of the U of M
administration along with the Faculty Senate, Staff Senate, and Student
Government Association have worked to coordinate campus relief efforts.
In this communication, we share ways in which we can assist.

* Enrollment. Students who have attended or been accepted to
accredited universities/colleges in the area of devastation are
invited to resume their studies at the U o M. The criterion for
their admission is previous acceptance at an accredited
institution. We are not requiring transcripts nor test scores for
admission until such documents are available. Students will be
given advisors who will help them plan schedules that will allow
them to progress in their degree fields. Students can call
1-800-669-2678, or locally 901-678-2111, for further information.
If you receive calls from displaced students, please have them call
one of the numbers listed above. Additional information is also
available on our home page at
* Fee Payment. Students who have not paid their tuition at their
home institutions will be allowed to enroll at the University of
Memphis or at other State of Tennessee institutions at in-state
tuition rates. If their tuition expenses have been covered at
their home schools, we are not requiring additional payments.
* Housing. The University of Memphis student housing is available
for students from affected institutions who enroll at the
University of Memphis. Mayor Herenton’s taskforce is coordinating
relief efforts to house other refugees.
Integration of Students. Please welcome these students into the
classes. Recognize that class sizes may need to be adjusted to
accommodate these students. Consult with departmental chairs and
college deans to coordinate additional classes if needed.
* Communication with Faculty/Staff. As you are able, get in touch
with colleagues at universities/colleges in the area of devastation
to determine what their needs are. Contact your chair and/or dean
to determine whether we can accommodate displaced colleagues. We
will do our best to help those who need to continue their research
projects, etc.

We appreciate your willingness to help. Contact Stephanie Beasley in
the President's Office at 901-678-2234 for more information.

Shirley C. Raines

Sheryl A. Maxwell
Faculty Senate President

Scott Beck
Staff Senate President

Omari White
SGA President