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Thursday, August 18, 2005


Hey all you liberals out there that if you don't get EVERY SINGLE THING YOU WANT out of a politician, you go on the "I'm not voting for him/her" tirade.

Y'all are so spoiled. Get over it. So the Democratic politician shakes hands with the insurance bigwigs... or your pro-choice governor tries to balance the budget by removing people from the state-funded healthcare roles (when it's not really his fault that Congress and Dr. Right-Wing Senator-from Tennessee, whose family owns HCA cut spending on meds budgets for states and give more to the back pockets of private healthcare corporations that refuse to pay for your meds even when you are covered by these private health insurance companies).

Do you like the other option of an anti-abortion governor or a Senator that is complacent in corporate greed, deregulation of corporations, dumbing down America through its education system and cutting public television funding while giving tax breaks to "media" propagandists like CNN and FOX news?

The temper tantrums of over-demanding liberals is how we are losing more and more of our rights.

Even the extreme right wingers who want us all bowing down and praying to Jesus Christ before every meal we eat or in the classrooms or at the airport or whatever, are willing to put aside the differences they have with right wing politicians to support the one most favorable to them.

Liberals are trying to get left winged politicians to run first place marathons before they even get to the starting line!

Come on people!! quit being a bunch of All or Nothing Crybabies, and let's settle for what we can get, then browbeat our liberal politicians once they get into office.

The left's tactic of "boo hoo!! the liberal candidates are not doing every single thing i want them to do so I"M not going to VOTE for them" sure as hell ain't working.


At 12:58 PM, Anonymous íçë said...

Or maybe it's time to put some effort into supporting an independent with real values. Real change doesn't happen without vision and hard work.

Imagine the headline "Revitalized Green Party wins White House as beleagered DNC buys assets of bankrupt GOP".

Partisan "tow-the-line at all costs" thinking is what these parties want and when the end justifies the means, that's how you get a war for oil and empire.

At 7:36 AM, Blogger banana said...

I don't disagree...on the local level, that is.

I think it's silly to work for a Green Party Presidential candidate without building a Green Party base on a local level first... like get Green Party candidates to run in state government and for governor and for mayors of cities, and for U.S. Congress.

I voted for Ralph Nader twice. I stopped. Not because I don't believe in the message but I realized that we far left folks were doing to the pseudo progressive cause what the Pat Buchanan Reform Party far religious right was doing to the moderate/conservative Republican party.

You get a war for oil and empire, and our Constitutional rights get taken away, along with clean air and water to breathe and drink, when you sit back and let the Republicans take over the executive, legislative and ultimately judicial branch by not voting for the most promising non-Republican.

I'll admit it. I was pissed off when I discovered that John kerry one the Democratic primaries. I voted for Kucinich knowing that he wouldn't win...(not enough people knew who he was)...but I was hoping that John Edwards would win.

I was not happy that John Kerry was the person I voted for, but I voted for him because I knew what George Bush was going to do to the judicial branch in this country....

something that the Democrats wouldn't have dreamed of doing....nominating judges who don't give a rat's ass about our rights as women, minorities, and americans to civil liberties, and clean air and water to breathe and drink.

I'm all for working on making America a more progressive place;'s the main reason why I decided to go to law school.

But things happen in baby steps.

Politics in america is like a pendulum, shifting from left to right.

Right now, it's all the way to the far right.

To get it to shift back left requires baby steps...not extremism.


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