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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Ed Bryant Spoke at My School Today

The Federalist Society of my law school hosted Senatorial candidate Ed Bryant today. The flyer for the event read:
"Corruption, Judicial Gridlock, and the Rule of Law" an address and Q & A from Ed Bryant.

I decided to go and check out the Senatorial Candidate for Tennessee.

He went on a diatribe about how the Democrats are all for judicial activists who believe that the Constitution is a living breathing document, and how Republicans go for a strict contruction of the Constitution.

Then he went on to argue that the federal judiciary is probably the most important source of power in America, and how the Republicans have just now caught on to this fact...something, he said, the Democrats have known all along. I guess he's referring to FDR's legacy of court packing.

He also informed us that he supports Clarence Thomas and Scalia and that he hopes that one of them will be Chief Justice of our Supreme Court some day. Bryant predicted that Roberts will be confirmed with 75% of the Senate confirming him and without a filibuster. He also predicted that Bush the Second will nominate two more people for Supreme Court justice.

Here is a candidate for Senate, who also discussed that it is judicial activism and too loose of an interpretation of our Constitution when the Supreme Court rules that children should not have to face the death penalty in this country.

He also argued that despite the FACT that our federal judiciary has powers, (something Republicans want to ignore and instead resort to name calling when judges do their jobs), perhaps they shouldn't.

Now Bryant didn't come out and say that we should tinker with our Constitution. In fact, he is of the camp that believes in a strict interpretation of the Constitution. But he did say that "maybe one day federal judges will have term limits."

Now how can you be a proponent of strict construction of our Constitution and then say "maybe one day we will change the Constitution and put term limits on federal judges?"

Before he wrapped up his presentation about the state of our judicial system, Mr. Bryant issued a warning to us eavesdropping liberals who are against right wing religious judicial activism when he said: "If the Democrats are going to politicize the courts, then we will too!"


At 8:36 PM, Anonymous bartlett said...

More complete reporting on same speech at


At 8:38 PM, Anonymous bartlett said...

Sorry, complete URL is

At 8:53 PM, Blogger banana said...


you people are opposed to the abortion yet you are willing to execute children.

compassionate conservative my arse.

YOu know as well as I that we don't need fascists in Congress willing to execute children in this country.

Ed Bryant went on and on about death penalty and killing children, that's not what we need to be discussing for Tennessee. WE need to talk healthcare for Tennesseeans, clean air and water, education for Tennessee's kids, etc etc, yet all he could talk about is how it's judicial activism to rule against killing kids via the death penalty.

Republicans argue against non-neo-conservative-christian-control freak judicial activists making laws suitable to their own tastes, yet you don't say anything about the activism going on in the White House with the lies being told for an imperialist Halliburton war costing $190 BILLION in American tax dollars.


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