LIAR PARADOX: August 2005


Whatever Bush says is a lie? That MUST be a truth!

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Racist Depiction of Certain Victims of Hurricane Katrina by the Media

Extreme Unction demonstrates an excellent analysis of the racism perpetuated by the mainstream media as it tells its story of...not the "tragedy" of hurricane Katrina, but the "aftermath."

Another fine example of how the media roots itself in the problems of social unrest and racism that pervades the U.S.

One Million Tennesseeans Donating $10 = $10 million to the victims of Hurricane Katrina

I went out to eat this evening in downtown Memphis, and I saw so many people dressed in purple and gold, the color of Louisiana, dressed in some of the most colorful clothing that only New Orleans natives can pull off, young and old, black and white.

I especially felt heartbroken when I would see the faces of displaced elder Louisianans...they just looked so lost..confused, about what the future holds for them.

I thought about how Slidell is completely under water, the city with the best crawdaddy gumbo on earth.....gone, sunken...with the snap of a finger...just like that.

One million folks in and around New Orleans are homeless indefinitely.

20,000 Mississsippians without homes, and scores of Alabamans too.

This just may well be the worst natural disaster to strike America ever in modern history.

I have cried and cried today, thinking about these folks. Maybe it's because we share the same great big Mama Mississippi River that I feel such a connection and empathy for the people of New Orleans.

Maybe it's my French-born-on-the-bayou ancestral heritage that makes me so sad about what's happened this week.

Maybe it's that I find New Orleans one of the most beautiful cities in America, with its 500 year old Spanish architecture and the French Quarter...and oh man Cafe Du Monde.

Maybe it's all of this stuff combined.

Well whatever it is....I donated a meager $10 bucks to the Red Cross this evening. I'm hoping that millions of people like me, broke and living on student loans have done the same thing. If so, my meager $10 bucks becomes $10 millions.

On AM 680 today, our Air America affiliate in Memphis, one of our local radio hosts informed us that thousands of folks from Louisiana are in Memphis, and that they will be here for God only knows how long. I just want them to know that we welcome them here and that our hearts are with theirs in more ways than they know.

Money To Repair Breached Levees Was Diverted to Iraq War

"It appears that the money has been moved in the president’s budget to handle homeland security and the war in Iraq, and I suppose that’s the price we pay. Nobody locally is happy that the levees can’t be finished, and we are doing everything we can to make the case that this is a security issue for us.
-- Walter Maestri, emergency management chief for Jefferson Parish, Louisiana; New Orleans Times-Picayune, June 8, 2004.

In early 2004, as the cost of the conflict in Iraq soared, President Bush proposed spending less than 20 percent of what the Corps said was needed for levees around Lake Pontchartrain. Those levees are now breached, and the city of New Orleans is inundated

Minimum Wage Rage

Since 1997 gas prices have increased by 200%.

Since 1997, the federal minimum wage has remained the same: $5.15 an hour, before taxes.

Gas prices are expected to rise to $3.50 a gallon by Thursday.

Profits for oil and petro corporations have doubled and tripled. Saudia Arabian royalty has seen its wealth grow by the trillions since 9-11.

Who is it again that George Bush and the Republican controlled Congress are supposed to be working for?

What are George Bush and the Republican controlled Congress doing about minimum wage?

Does the Flood Have an Exit Strategy?

Do the flood waters in Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama have an exit strategy or is it a global warning and they're going to be here awhile?

One million people in and around New Orleans are homeless, thanks to the hurricane.

Some folks will probably say, "'s not a global warning of global warming, it's Jesus...he's come back to make sure that we get right." When the truth is as plain as the nose on your face, but you don't want to change your actions because of your addictions, be it to gasoline, alcohol, or nicotine, the best thing to do good little Christians is Deny..Deny..Deny.

There is no such thing as global warning because Rush Limbaugh and George Bush say so. Right good little fish people?

These people are the same ones who vote for presidential candidates that take from the poor to give to the rich, and then issue "fatwas" against leaders of countries that put their citizens before profit.

Yes, I'm talking about Pat Robertson soliciting the murder of democratically elected president of Venezuela Hugo Chavez again.

Oh Pat Robertson.....President Chavez is such an evil man that he came out yesterday and said that he wants to help poor Americans get access to cheap gas. Wow. That is the kind of leader that I want. Not one that takes from me and the poor people in this country, only to give it to subsidize the extremely wealthy around the planet.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Will Scalia Eat His Words?

According to CNN, Scalia said he was saddened to see the Supreme Court deciding moral issues not addressed in the Constitution, such as abortion, gay rights and the death penalty. He said such questions should be settled by Congress or state legislatures beholden to the people.


I'll be watching.

Source for Information About Supreme Court Nominee John Roberts

The University of Michigan has an excellent compilation of information on John Roberts, including his biography, his career as an attorney and employee of the Reagan and Bush I administrations, briefs he filed and oral arguments and all that good stuff, so that you can educate yourself as to what questions you would like your Senators to address at the hearings.

Senate confirmation hearings start next week....I think starting with the Judiciary Committee.

Ed Bryant Spoke at My School Today

The Federalist Society of my law school hosted Senatorial candidate Ed Bryant today. The flyer for the event read:
"Corruption, Judicial Gridlock, and the Rule of Law" an address and Q & A from Ed Bryant.

I decided to go and check out the Senatorial Candidate for Tennessee.

He went on a diatribe about how the Democrats are all for judicial activists who believe that the Constitution is a living breathing document, and how Republicans go for a strict contruction of the Constitution.

Then he went on to argue that the federal judiciary is probably the most important source of power in America, and how the Republicans have just now caught on to this fact...something, he said, the Democrats have known all along. I guess he's referring to FDR's legacy of court packing.

He also informed us that he supports Clarence Thomas and Scalia and that he hopes that one of them will be Chief Justice of our Supreme Court some day. Bryant predicted that Roberts will be confirmed with 75% of the Senate confirming him and without a filibuster. He also predicted that Bush the Second will nominate two more people for Supreme Court justice.

Here is a candidate for Senate, who also discussed that it is judicial activism and too loose of an interpretation of our Constitution when the Supreme Court rules that children should not have to face the death penalty in this country.

He also argued that despite the FACT that our federal judiciary has powers, (something Republicans want to ignore and instead resort to name calling when judges do their jobs), perhaps they shouldn't.

Now Bryant didn't come out and say that we should tinker with our Constitution. In fact, he is of the camp that believes in a strict interpretation of the Constitution. But he did say that "maybe one day federal judges will have term limits."

Now how can you be a proponent of strict construction of our Constitution and then say "maybe one day we will change the Constitution and put term limits on federal judges?"

Before he wrapped up his presentation about the state of our judicial system, Mr. Bryant issued a warning to us eavesdropping liberals who are against right wing religious judicial activism when he said: "If the Democrats are going to politicize the courts, then we will too!"

Monday, August 29, 2005

Thanks Peter Jennings

My head is killing me for days now, I have stress, fatigue, I cannot concentrate on this Tax Law crap that I'm supposed to be learning, I want to cry a lot, I feel like I"m on a roller coaster....... I want a goddamned cigarette. Nicotine withdrawal is killing me.

Upside: whoa, I forgot how so many things smell so good when you're out walking around. I feel like I have the nose of a bloodhound now.

F**K you American Spirit, RJ Reynolds, Phillip Morris......I would rather go crazy from nicotine withdrawals than give you crooked bastards another red cent for cigarette money.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005



Thanks to Tennessee Guerilla Women who had the link to ABC Family on their blog, I contacted ABC and told them that I am boycotting all ABC programs and channels until Pat Robertson and the 700 Club are removed from their programming schedule.

Christian Right the New Global Terrorist Threat?

American terrorism is on the rise. Yesterday, Pat Robertson, one of the leaders of the Christian Right, an extremist group with a history of terrorist activity in the United States, called for the assassination of Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela, a democratic nation.

Pat Robertson has also publicly prayed on television for the deaths of U.S. Supreme Court justices. If a Muslim in America prayed on television for the deaths of U.S. Supreme Court justices, would he still be a free man in this country?

Robertson labeled Chavez a dictator which is far from the truth. Venezuela is a country that holds democratic elections.

President Jimmy Carter was in Venezuela to witness their 2004 last election. As noted on the Carter Center's website:

"Many low-income Venezuelans living in barrios (above) report the creation of medical clinics, literacy programs, and supermarkets with subsidized food under the Chavez government."

Does that sound like a horrible dictator to you?

Venezuela has not attacked nor has it threatened to attack the United States. Sounds like Pat Robertson and other Christian terrorists are jealous of Venezuela.

Experts speculate that Pat Robertson and other high ranking American officials hate Hugo Chavez and want him dead because of the large supply of oil that Venezuela has.

Beware Venezuelan supporters of Hugo Chavez! This man wants to kill you all!

Thanks to Tennessee Guerilla Women who had the link to ABC Family on their blog, I contacted ABC and told them that I am boycotting all ABC programs and channels until Pat Robertson and the 700 Club are removed from their programming schedule.


Monday, August 22, 2005


Eric Rudolph's mother said that she doesn't think her abortion clinic bombing, night club bombing, Atlanta Olympics bombing son is a "monster."

Bet she thinks Mohammed Atta and those night club bombers in Bali are though.

Funny how one man's terrorist is another man's "hero" ain't it?

Saturday, August 20, 2005


Question for the day:

How come America is the only country in the world giving Intelligent Design any credence?

Friday, August 19, 2005


As a lawyer in the Reagan White House, John Roberts scoffed at the notion of elevating Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor to chief justice as a way to close a political gender gap, calling it a "crass political consideration."

On another topic, Roberts, who was nominated as a justice by President Bush last month, advised the White House to strike language from a description of a housing bill that referred to the "fundamental right to be free from discrimination." He said that "there of course is no such right."

More than 38,000 pages of documents released this week by the National Archives offer new details that portray Roberts as embracing the conservative philosophy of the Reagan administration.

I wonder if Roberts will undo all that was done to combat the divide of Americans regarding racism and discrimination, from Brown v. Board of Education to Shelley v Kraemer if they confirm him as Supreme Court Justice?

Roberts is not the type of justice we Americans need in the Supreme Court. He is a divider...not a uniter... and didn't Bush say after his "mandate" that he is a uniter and not a divider?

If this is the case, then why appoint someone who scoffs at feminism and says that anti-discrimination law is not a fundamental Constitutional right?

I know that Roberts is a smart lawyer..graduating top of his Harvard law school class, but this doesn't mean that he will give an accurate interpretation of the law... nor does it mean that we should not question his opinions on the law, and in this instance, Roberts... you misogynist racist... YOU ARE DEAD WRONG.

There is indeed a fundamental right to be free from discrimination in many instances... particularly if someone wants to defend his discriminatory conduct against you in our Courts..... from housing discrimination against same sex couples or people of color, to right wing religious control freak pharmacists refusing to sell birth control to women.

Thursday, August 18, 2005


Hey all you liberals out there that if you don't get EVERY SINGLE THING YOU WANT out of a politician, you go on the "I'm not voting for him/her" tirade.

Y'all are so spoiled. Get over it. So the Democratic politician shakes hands with the insurance bigwigs... or your pro-choice governor tries to balance the budget by removing people from the state-funded healthcare roles (when it's not really his fault that Congress and Dr. Right-Wing Senator-from Tennessee, whose family owns HCA cut spending on meds budgets for states and give more to the back pockets of private healthcare corporations that refuse to pay for your meds even when you are covered by these private health insurance companies).

Do you like the other option of an anti-abortion governor or a Senator that is complacent in corporate greed, deregulation of corporations, dumbing down America through its education system and cutting public television funding while giving tax breaks to "media" propagandists like CNN and FOX news?

The temper tantrums of over-demanding liberals is how we are losing more and more of our rights.

Even the extreme right wingers who want us all bowing down and praying to Jesus Christ before every meal we eat or in the classrooms or at the airport or whatever, are willing to put aside the differences they have with right wing politicians to support the one most favorable to them.

Liberals are trying to get left winged politicians to run first place marathons before they even get to the starting line!

Come on people!! quit being a bunch of All or Nothing Crybabies, and let's settle for what we can get, then browbeat our liberal politicians once they get into office.

The left's tactic of "boo hoo!! the liberal candidates are not doing every single thing i want them to do so I"M not going to VOTE for them" sure as hell ain't working.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


I remember one day when I was in undergraduate school, me and some environmentalist friends went to a public hearing held by TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) to voice our concerns over TVA's nuclear energy programs.

I remember a little old lady who stood up before these TVA officials and said, "It will be a great day when we can bake cookies with solar powered ovens. Why doesn't TVA work on developing solar power for homes instead of spending billions of dollars on nuclear energy?"

This little old lady got me to daydreaming about the possibilities of solar energy.

The problem with solar energy for existing homeowners has always been the cost of converting your home from conventional energy to solar energy. But this didn't answer my question about all the new homes and subdivisions being built.

Why don't more real estate developers, when constructing homes, equip the homes with more solar power technology? I dreamed about how nice it would be if new home buyers had the opportunity to purchase a brand new home with solar technology.

Well in California, a real estate developer has done just that. Premier Gardens is a subdivision of zero energy homes that not only reduce energy consumption but actually produce the energy that is consumed by its residents. They are equipped with solar panels, tinted windows to prevent too much sun from coming in, and gas powered water heaters that only heat water when the tap is turned on. The homeowners use energy saving appliances and energy saving fluorescent light bulbs.

When the homes produce energy, the energy is harnessed by a local utility company and shared with the other residents. Your electricity bill is calculated by deducting the amount of energy your home produced from the amount of energy consumed. Some months you owe nothing!

Newsweek profiled a family that has been living at Premier Gardens for a year. Over 10 months this family, living in a 2,200 square foot three bedroom home, spent a grand total of $75 on electricity bills. For the past two months they haven't had to pay a dime to the utility company for electricity, because the home is producing more energy than the famliy is consuming.

Skeptics may argue that these energy producing homes equipped with energy saving technology are more costly to build than a conventional energy consuming home. They are not wrong. However, as evidenced by the Premier Gardens homeowners, the zero energy homes pay for themselves in the long run, and it takes 7-12 years to pay for the technology that enables you to produce your own energy. Furthermore, you get tax breaks and rebates.

In Lakeland, Florida, an experiment was conducted. Two identical homes were built, in such a way that they both receieved the same amount of sun from the same compass points. One home was a conventional energy consumption home, and the other was a zero energy home.

After a year, the zero energy home consumed 70% less energy than the conventional energy consumption home.


The United States gets 20% of its electricity from nuclear energy. The energy companies want American taxpayers to foot the bills for even more nuclear power plants.

But if these zero energy homes are reducing average family home energy consumption by 70%, what is the necessity of more nuclear power plants? There is none.

More real estate developers need to follow the lead of the developers of Premier Gardens in California, and give more Americans the opportunity to buy new, energy producing homes. This is a realistic, environmentally friendly approach to reducing reliance on foreign energy resources and also in making the air and water cleaner for future generations to come.

See also: "On the Path to Zero Energy Homes" for a scientific governmental analysis of the Technology

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Sept. 11, 2001 Price of Oil = $23 a barrel

March, 2003 (beginning of war in Iraq): Price of oil = $32 a barrel.

Today: Cost of oil = $67 a barrel.

This is cut and dry evidence that Bush doesn't know what in the hell he is doing.

Source: History of Crude Oil Prices Chart

Profits for Saudi Arabia have skyrocketed while our national debt skyrockets.

Where is the debt going?

Go figure..

Here we have Bush using this country's reaction to 9-11 to line the Saudi Royal Family's pockets. The terrorists and their mastermind were Saudis, yet Bush has declared war on Iraq.... but none of the terrorists were from Iraq and Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with 9-11!

Sounds like Bush ain't working for you and me, folks....instead.... he's working for the House of Saud.

it's time we take our country back from this lying traitor who is selling us out to the Saudi Royal Family.



Click here for video of the TERRORISTS that John Roberts supports.

I'm not saying that anyone should be denied the right to protest but when you block entrances to health care facilities you have stepped over the line from protesting to intimidating and terrorizing.

John Roberts supports this type of activity and he SHOULD NOT be allowed to sit in our most highest courts for this very reason.

We need justices sitting on our highest courts that will follow the U.S. Constitution and not legislate their religious beliefs from the bench.

Judges should protect us Americans from those that are advancing their religions onto us.



CINDY SHEEHAN, the Universe and the Rest of the World IS on Your Side

Many Blessings to that friendly neighbor of Bush's down there in Crawford that is welcoming Sheehan and the others to camp out on their site.

Fort Bragg | A Film by Chris Hume

DSL | 56K
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DSL | 56K

Shame on you Larry Northern from Wacko Texas, for your criminal act of plowing down 500 crosses of fallen soldiers along with desecrating 40 American flags, just because you don't support the U.S. Constitution and don't support that it's an American's right to exercise the First Amendment. Maybe you should take your own right wing advice and leave the country; for a REAL American wouldn't have done what you did to Cindy Sheehan.

I found Larry Northern's telephone number on Google. I wonder if he's been getting a lot of telephone calls lately?


NARAL was attacked last week for its ad against Supreme Court Justice Nominee John Roberts and his history of working for pro-life terrorists, specifically in BRAY V ALEXANDRIA WOMEN'S HEALTH CLINIC.

For NARAL factsheet in PDF format, CLICK HERE.

Anti-abortion activists who find it necessary to harass and intimidate medical professionals and women seeking abortions should be policed by city and state law enforcement, because they have a history of violence against women and violence against medical professionals who provide birth control services to the women who need them.

Common Dreams posted an article on its website exposing the fact that John Roberts wrote in 1985 that "Memorials to Fetuses is a Good Way to Draw Attention to the Abortion Tragedy."

Click Here for a List of Anti-Abortion Terrorists from the Army of God website.

Why is it that NARAL is ostracized by the media, the scaredy-cat Democrats, and the far right for addressing its concerns of Roberts' anti-abortion ideology, and his history of supporting anti-abortion intimidators, one of whom subsequently bombed an abortion clinic, but they don't do the same when Bill O'Reilly and Karl Rove accuse liberals of being terrorist sympathizers when they work to promote civil rights, liberties, and other freedoms guaranteed to the people in the United States under the Bill of Rights, when the liberals oppose fascist right wing legislation, such as the Patriot Act, that takes away those rights?

The National Abortion Federation reports "Incidents of Violence and Disruption Against Abortion Providers" in the U.S. and Canada. Their data for the past 16 years is shown below. The number of incidents of picketing is not shown in the chart below, but does reach the tens of thousands. Not surprisingly, while arrests of dozens of picketers occurred in the past, there have been no arrests of picketers while George Dubya has been in office:

1. Includes 554 Anthrax hoaxes.
2. Partial data for 2004, as of 2004-SEP-16.

Statistics show that there is a problem of terrorism among certain factions of anti-abortion activists,
even though most anti-abortion activists do not condone or commit terrorism.

I highly doubt that we would or should allow someone from becoming a Supreme Court Justice if they supported causes of which certain individuals within that movement committed acts of terrorism, and we shouldn't allow someone to become a Supreme Court justice who aligns himself with anti-abortion activists, some of which are known to commit acts of terror against medical professionals providing health services to women.


Monday, August 15, 2005


In response to the global warming crisis, more and more environmentalists are becoming more and more complacent to the advancement of nuclear power across the globe.

Many argue that nuclear power is the solution to the global warming crisis.

I do not agree. Instead, I find that the solution is reduction of energy consumption, education, and exercise. Because the problem lies with our culture of laziness and materialism, not with a necessary demand for more energy.

People across the planet are using more and more energy than their ancestors. From my own family's experience, I can attest that I grew up in a household that used THREE TIMES the energy that my grandparents used.

The Chinese demand for oil in industry and in automobiles is tripling, while Americans buy bigger televisions, vehicles, refrigerators, ovens; things that require twice as much energy consumption as more reasonably sized comparable goods.

As we are witnessing the war in Iraq, more and more Americans are coming to the realization that the war was not about "freeing the people of Iraq from tyranny," but instead is a war over natural resources, specifically oil.

As an American soldier who was in Iraq during the initial invasion (some may recall it as "shock and awe") stated on Alternet, his duty in Iraq was to "secure the oil fields."

Also we have the Europeans who are aware of the catastrophes that will be happening soon (within the next 50 years) as a result of global warming, who are desperate to get this thing turned around.
They are promoting nuclear energy. Even the environmentalists!!

But this is why nuclear energy is not the solution.

1. Uranium Mining

For those who live around uranium mines, they can attest to what uranium mining does to the water, causing birth defects, cancers, decay, destruction, and death. Just ask the Eastern Navajo Dine of the Southwestern United States.

2. Massive consumption of Water for the Cooling Towers

Nuclear power plants require billions of gallons of water for the cooling process, which is necessary in avoiding nuclear meltdowns, such as the one that occurred at Chernobyl.
Furthermore, just like oil, water is a finite resource!! It would be unwise to use billions upon billions upon billions of gallons water each day across the globe, on water for nuclear power plants.

3. Nuclear Waste

Last but not least...we do not have a nuclear waste plan anywhere in this world. American alone has tons upon tons of nuclear waste and we don't know what in the hell to do with it. Russia processes a lot of Europe's nuclear waste, and I'm sure that the inhabitants in the towns of Kazakstan and other places in Russia where nuclear waste is stored and processed can tell you.... "I wish we had enough money to get the fam-damily outta this joint! But the medical bills for all the cancer treatments have got us stuck here."

Furthermore, burying nuclear waste underground ANYWHERE ON THE PLANET is unwise when thinking about water. Things seep and move under the ground, and they will eventually get into the water table. Especially something as corrosive as nuclear waste.


Basically, when I think of finding solutions to the problems of global warming, I can't help but find similarities to addresssing the problems of obesity.

It's just plain common sense. As in addressing being a fatass, you know that the #1 solution is to eat less, and exercise more.

Well in addressing global warming, use less energy and .... ta da!! exercise more!

Goddammit! Turn off the lights if you are not using them. Stop being such a goddammed sissy in the summer time and turn off the damned air conditioning!! Get you some wet towels or rags and wipe your face with them. When the heat gets extremely unbearable, go take a cool shower. It's absolutely orgasmic.

And for those of you with health conditions such as asthma. Just try it during the day. Cut your air conditioning use by at least half and turn on the air only at night. Try it!! It's not that bad!


I will admit it.. I have a car. A 1999 Honda Civic that I take excellent care of, and which I like to brag to SUV drivers.... gets 35 miles to the gallon!

I fill up my tank about once every six weeks, because guess what? I live close to where I work and attend school and I walk everywhere else!!

It's great! I love it. I see more stuff getting out there walking than I do driving, and I'm a lot less stressed out too!



Why on earth would a family of two need to buy a five bedroom house? Ridiculous. When I see huge houses like that, I think "Man. I sure am glad I don't have to pay the utility bills for that joint."

Or why do people find the neeed to buy a friggin' refrigerator big enough for a commercial kitchen in a restaurant? What about that television that is as big as a friggin' movie screen?

Why do you need such big stuff that consumes a boat-load of electricity? Think about it, the next time you need to buy stuff that consumes energy.

Ask yourself.... is it worth it that my tax dollars will go to a war that creates global instability and environmental destruction if I buy this huge energy consuming thing?

Is it worth it that people fight wars over water so that I can have this big energy consuming thing?

Just think about it.

And I know how most people feel. They feel that they are just one person, and how can they, as one person do so much damage? Come on!! You know the answer to that! You see the vehicles on the streets just as I do... that for every five vehicles on the road, three of them are SUVs!! So you, collectively with all the others..... that's how the damage is being done.