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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Forget Rove-Gate, Get Ready for Cheney-Gate

I stumbled across this post from, and it is a really great anlalysis of just who leaked to the leakers.

It goes way over my head to even try to summarize it, so I will just highlight some of the article here that I find the most enlightening and you can read the whole thing if you click here.

In the article, Mr. Raimondo answers questions such as:

"Why did Novak's original column, which started all this brouhaha, identify Valerie Plame by her maiden name? After all, most married women – even in this era of Women's Liberation – defer to the tradition of taking their husband's name, but I have to admit that, even after wondering about it for a brief moment, I shrugged and moved on. As it turns out, however, this is an important detail, because now we have Rove's lawyer saying that he at no time gave out Valerie Plame's name: but if Rove identified her as Joe Wilson's wife, what the heck is the difference?"

"If Rove leaked to Novak, and half a dozen Washington reporters, then who leaked to the leakers?"

"You (Joseph Wilson) mention two other names: John Hannah, who works in the Office of the Vice President, and David Wurmser, who is a special assistant to John Bolton, the undersecretary of state for arms control and national security. Last Wednesday, their names both appeared on a chart that accompanied an article in the
New York Times about the Pentagon's Office of Special Plans and the war cabal within the Bush administration. Did these people run an intelligence operation against you?"

"Who in the administration would've had access to the specific information regarding Plame-Wilson's role in a deep-cover CIA operation involving nuclear proliferation? "

"And then there is the question of the Niger uranium forgeries themselves: who forged the documents that fooled a president? "

"Forging "evidence" that helped get us into a war – what are the penalties for that?"


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