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Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Well, I guess people didn't take the bait when on Sunday it was announced that the first charges were being brought against Saddam Hussein.

All you heard on Monday was Karl Rove...Karl Rove...Karl Rove.... and I praise the media for not taking the White House's diversion bait of Saddam Hussein. Finally the media and me are on the same page. It's a bigger issue to contend with our own war criminals (Bush, Rummy, Rove, Libby, Cheney, et al) than with someone else's.

So what does Bush do on Tuesday when the people didn't take his Saddam bait? He goes and announces his Supreme Court justice nominee, a man who has Hardly Any experience as a judge, who is not very seasoned, and who Bush evidently owes a favor; because John G. Roberts, Jr. advised the Bush campaign on the November 2000 elections.

Well, now we have to contend with two major issues at once:

1. Keeping in the spotlight Karl Rove, Lewis Libby and the other White House officials involved in the conspiracy of leaking Plame's identity as a covert CIA operative; and

2. Contending with finding out just who this guy is that George Bush threw in our face last night when he nominated Roberts as a Supreme Court justice. George couldn't have picked a better candidate to distract America from the Rove scandal, by picking such a young person whose legal philosphy is virtually unknwon. Now instead of focusing on the White House conspiracy of the Plame leak, the liberals, independents and conservatives will be occupying their time trying to figure out just who this mystery man is that Bush nominated for Supreme Court justice.


I was reading Newsweek's articles about Karl Rove, and I learned something about Karl Rove: a psychologist would have a field day with this man.

Maybe when he is fired from his posh little White House job he can make money being a psychologist's guinea pig.

No really, here are some interesting facts about Karl Rove.

1. He is an illegitimate child: the man who he thought was his father turned out not to be, and Karl Rove doesn't know who his real father is.

2. When he was a teenager Karl Rove's "father" abandoned the family.

3. Eleven years after his "father" abandoned them, Karl Rove's mother committed suicide.

Now I'm starting to understand how and why Karl Rove is the antisocial asshole that he is. He's got some serious issues. And most of us would if this was the type of family that we grew up in.

As I continued to read Fineman's article on Karl Rove, I started thinking of all those dittoheads out there. Yes, the average right wing followers of the Right Wing's pied pipers. Just who are these people who absolutely refuse to admit that Karl Rove betrayed America when he leaked Valerie Plame's name?

Just WHO are these people who absolutely refuse to admit that the American public was lied to about Saddam's "terror" threat? Hell, even the Bush Administration apologized for the lies they told us about the Africa-Saddam uranium connection!

I'll tell you who these people are. These people are the children and grandchildren of those who resisted integration of public schools, who supported the Ku Klux Klan, who did nothing while black people were trying to get their voting rights in the 1960s, who preach "What Would Jesus Do" while advocating the fire-bombings of black churches in the 60s and the abortion clinics of today.

So we can't completely blame Karl Rove for the ills that have been wreaked on this country with the advent of the Bush Admin's agenda in November 2000.

Those right wing, Bible thumping wingnuts WANT to believe the lies that Karl Rove and George Bush tell. They resist the truth when it's slapping them in the face. They are to blame.

And that is a scary thing. We can oust Rove from office, but can we oust hate, ignorance, and prejudice from our country?

Folks have been trying for at least 50 years, but they are still here.


  • My #1 result for the selector, Supreme Court Justices, is Stephen Breyer: biographical information

    At 11:13 AM, Blogger MOSES said...

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    At 2:03 PM, Anonymous Jian said...

    "Now I'm starting to understand how and why Karl Rove is the antisocial asshole that he is. He's got some serious issues. And most of us would if this was the type of family that we grew up in."

    I find this comment a bit odd. Millions of people in the world have come from so much worse, and turn out to be fine, useful, loving people. While it doesn't *help* to produce well adults, it doesn't auto-magically produce an antisocial asshole. Perhaps it's just wishful thinking on your part to "explain" him. I don't think it does. I think some people just turn out to be jerks because they choose to be.


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