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Sunday, July 10, 2005



Whoa man, I cannot believe that I don't agree on something with the folks at the World Socialist Website. They are calling on the entire left wing to rise up and demand the release of Judith Miller by stating, "....the persecution of Miller is aimed at silencing any critical media coverage of the government—whether it relates to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the practice of torture, kidnapping and illegal detention, the massive expansion of domestic spying, or official cover-ups of corporate criminality."

Surely they understand that it was Judith Miller's 'investigative reporting' that created Anthrax scares, WMD scares,ultimately convincing the average American out there that war in Iraq was a necessity... a kind of act of self-defense.

Now we realize that we were betrayed.

It appears that the WSWS has fallen into Karl Rove's and the right wing's trap. People need to realize that you cannot protect people whose sources are under criminal investigation. If a journalist reported that Osama Bin Laden's right hand man at Al-Qaeda telephoned her and told her where he was, do you think that it would be in the public's interest to protect the journalist and stand behind her if the court held her in contempt for not revealing her sources to the government?

Whoever revealed Valerie Plame's name to the media is an enemy of democracy, and is a cog in the wheel of the right wing conspiracy that got us into this Iraq mess.


Now what is up with those folks up there at the Cleveland Plain Dealer? A couple of days ago, they published an article about how they have these sources who have given them all kinds of information that would be of super great interest to the American people, however, they are not going to publish the story(ies) because the documents were "illegally leaked" and the newspaper doesn't want to go to jail or breach its confidentiality with the sources that provided them with the illegally leaked documents.

I smell a rat. What perfrect timing for the Cleveland Plain Dealer to publish a story about how it has a story, but it refuses to tell us what it is. The Cleveland Plain Dealer is dong just what Karl Rove and the Right Wing conspirators want the media to do: punish the public for Judith Miller's jail sentence. Keep everyone quibbling over First Amendment issues, so that they won't focus on the real issue at hand: finding out who broke the law by revealing the name of a CIA agent specializing in national security and WMD investigations.

Without really knowing much more than the fact that the Plain Dealer has some "illegally leaked" documents, I cannot opine as to what the legal ramifications would be if they published this story.

If someone at the newspaper stole those documents then yes, they could be punished for publishing the story. But if someone gave them the documents, I don't see how they would be forced to reveal their source, unless the source the Plain Dealer is protecting stole the documents.

Either way, to publish the story in the manner that the Plain Dealer published it, is to slap democracy in the face.

I have not been a fan of the mainstream media for a very long time. Everyone knows that the mainstream media is owned by the major corporations that stand to profit from wars, exploitation of people, environmental destruction. The mainstream media does not often tell the truth. For the majority of the time, it lies to us...brainwashes us.

The mainstream media gets us to believe what they want us to believe so that it is easier for them to bomb innocent people or destroy our air and water, and to not demand that Bush do a damned thing about global warming. Judith Miller is guilty of printing stories about terrorism and WMDs that just weren't true. I wouldn't defend McDonald's for destroying rain forests and I can't defend journalists that work for the corporate machine's agenda. I am shocked that the WSWS does.


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